Keiser Europe

Keiser Europe supplies, installs and provides maintenance for all pneumatic weight and cardio equipment in Germany and the Benelux countries. On this website we would like to explain our activities in various areas and introduce you to our customers and all the products we offer.

Air Resistance

Keiser is so successful because their equipment functions using air resistance instead of the usual metal weights. This provides you the chance to train at any speed you want. You can also decide how much resistance is right for you, in doses you choose in increments of 100 grams – without the risk of injury. Whether you are interested in fitness, weight training, cardio training, physical therapy or rehabilitation, the pneumatic technology puts you in the position to achieve better levels of performance. Keiser developed this revolutionary idea back in 1978 and no other company has reached their level of success. Would you like to improve your physical and mental performance and thereby improve your quality of life? If so, your best choice is Keiser.

World record and dance floor

“I want to break the world record.“ “And I can finally go dancing again after twelve years.“ John is 25 years old and a top-ranking athlete, Dory, radiant at age 67, is thrilled, because she can do rehabilitation sports after having had a shoulder operation. What do they have in common? Both of them work out and train using the fitness equipment of the US brand manufacturer Keiser.

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Keiser Europe is the sole Keiser distributor for Germany and the Benelux countries.


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